At Rays4Hope we aim to empower and aid local communities through the generation of non-grid PV solar energy. These impacts are assessed through bimonthly surveys conducted by our Local Life staff. We hope to better the lives of impoverished rural villagers and set a precedent in the region.


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Decreased Poverty

By implementing solar energy, families had a estimated savings of $10. This allowed them to allot this money to other necessities. 

“Modern energy has the biggest effect on poverty by boosting poor people’s productivity and thus their income”

- Energy and Mining Sector of The World Bank

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Increase in Productivity

The energy generated by the panels enables families to work into the night, cook, clean, and spend more family time. For example, instead of acquiring wood for the stove, the village women streamline their cook time because of access to electricity.

"Now, I use the lighting to mend clothing for work at night or in bad weather. I has allowed me to finish more pieces of clothing"

- Ms. Sowkat Ali (Villager in Joypur, Bangladesh)

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The solar panels have enabled the children of the villages to study after their daily activities. This will help drive the village in the future. 

"Energy frees children to

attend school by boosting productivity and thus allowing adult labor to substitute for child labor. For children, electric lighting in homes enables them to study after their daytime activities"

- Energy and Mining Sector of The World Bank

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Solar panels have foster a safe household as lighting wards off unwanted intruders and animals. Furthermore, by replacing biomass as a source for energy in cooking and warming, renewable energy has irradiated harmful emissions. 

"At night, I was scared to leave my bed because I could not see the snakes. Now I can turn on the lights to check if they are there"

- Daughter of Muslem Uddin