Our Story

I started Rays4Hope in the summer of 2019 because of a passion and fascination for renewable energy. In July, I interned at the NOOR Ouarzazate solar plant in Ouarzazate, Morocco and went on a service trip to a nearby village that recently electrified via an interconnection with the plant. I interviewed two families and was blown away that energy changed these family's lives so dramatically. Not only did it help them cook and study, but it helped them thrive. I was so inspired that I wanted to create an initiative that brought energy on a micro-scale through PV solar panels. 

After returning, I immediatley called my uncle in Bangladesh and introduced him to the initiative. Within two months, we installed 5 panels, which have completly changed the lives of villagers, and we haven't looked back since. Currently, we have 26 solar panels in Bangladesh and planning to install panels in Ghana and Madagascar within the next 2-3 months. Our team has also grown to 11 memebers and many partners. 

I am so fortunate that I have found the intersection between my passion for renewable energy and my passion for outreach. This is just where the story starts. Equipped with a knowledgable team and extensive energy infastruture, the organization is ready to make sizeble change in developing regions and bringing the coveted resource of electricity to those in need. 

-- Saif Nasr

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

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