Future Goals

At Rays4Hope, we are always innovating and trying to improve our materials and methods. This innovative spirit is essential to have sizable impacts on these rural communities.


LED Light Bulbs

Ring of Light Bulbs

More. Efficient.

By installing energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, villagers can reallocate the surplus of energy for other devices and appliances. These will replace the previously used incandescent light bulbs.

Coming this Summer

Smart Energy

Image by Thomas Kelley

More. Resourceful.

We plan on installing cables that link homes to homes so that families can share energy. This will build a sense of community and could also be a form of income.

Coming this Fall

Solar Lamps

Image by Sandra Parra

More. Light.

We are planning to purchase large solar street lights to light up sections of villages. This will provide communal security and will also allow social/cultural events to happen at night

Coming this Summer