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Implementing Solar Energy to Empower All


Our Mission

Rays4Hope searches out rural communities throughout Africa and South Asia and installs PV solar panels to stimulate socio-economic development and bring equity, safety, and productivity to the region. We are at 89 solar systems in 9 villages and counting!

Our Story

An organization started by highschoolers passionate about energy and outreach. We inspired from a service trip that changed our understanding of what energy means

Rays4Hope in the News

Rays4Hope has received international press for its work in developing countries by news organizations in Ghana, Bangladesh, and England. 

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Working with remarkable visionaries who share our goal of energy empowerment

Our Process

Learn about each step of our process from where its made to when its installed

Our Energy

Learn about our solar panels which are unique to each location


Discover our ambitious goals

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Phone Number: 703-399-5695

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